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Jokowi First Speech As President Elect 2014

Jokowi deliver political speeches after the first set as an elected president, 22 July 2014 Tuesday night by the KPU. Jokowi imposing dominant brown batik speaking Jusuf Kalla was accompanied by imposing purple batik coated black jacket, above Yachts Machine (KLM) Liver Buana Secretariat at Sunda Kelapa Port, Scoring, North Jakarta. 

The man who had just repeated year to 53 a few moments ago is calling on relatives and my fellow countryman water to return to its historical destiny as a united nation; one nation, the Indonesian nation. 

No competition for the title of 2014 Presidential Election should be forgotten. All attributes in the Presidential Election Campaign 2014 should be abandoned. 

"Forget the number 1 and number 2 forget, let's go back to Indonesia Raya" 

"Restore your family relationships with family, neighbors with neighbors, and friends of friends that distant time." Jakarta Governor's Keynote 

Here's Speech Transcript Joko Widodo once designated as an elected president in 2014 

Assalamu'alaikum Wabarakatuh Colleagues, 
Salam Peace to us all, 
Om Swastiastu, 
Namo Buddhaya 
Children back to school. 
Traders back into the market. 
Labor returned to the factory. 
Employees returned to work at the office. 
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om, 
Namo Buddhaya 
22 July 2014 

My brothers and my fellow countryman water, 

Election Commission of the Republic of Indonesia has set the two of us, Joko Widodo, and Jusuf Kalla as President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia selected from 2014 to 2019. 

First of all, I express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Prabowo Subianto and Mr. Hatta Rajasa who have become friends in the political competition to get the people's mandate to lead the country the next five years. 

My brothers and my fellow countryman water, 

This victory is the victory of the people of Indonesia. I hope this will be a victory of the people make way for achieving and realizing Indonesia's sovereign politically, economically independent and a cultural personality. 

However, in recent months, differences in political preferences seem to be a reason to separate us. But we understand together, not only the diversity and differences is a sure thing in a democracy, but also that the relations at community level is still a cornerstone of the Indonesian one. 

With our humility, Joko Widodo, and Jusuf Kalla, call upon my brothers and my fellow countryman water to return to its historical destiny as a united nation; one nation, the Indonesian nation. Recover your family relationships with family, neighbors with neighbors, and friends with friends that distant time. 

We are together responsible for return prove to ourselves, to other nations, and especially to our grandchildren, that politics was full of joy; politics in which there is joy; there is political welfare; politics is an acquittal. 

My brothers and my fellow countryman water, 

Presidential Election this time bring new optimism for us, for this nation. The spirit of independence and political responsibility soul blossoming in the new generation. Volunteerism has long felt that torpor is present again with renewed vigor. Presidential Election has brought politics into a new phase is no longer a purely political event, but cultural events. That indicated the volunteers, ranging from cultural workers and artists, to paddle rickshaw, giving hope that there is the spirit of cooperativeness, which never dies. 

Spirit of mutual cooperation that will make the Indonesian people not only to be able to withstand a challenge, but can also grow into the porous maritime world, the locus of political civilization of the future. 

Hakkul I believe that the struggle for Indonesia's sovereign, independent Indonesia and Indonesia personality, can only be achieved and realized as we move along. 

It's time to MOVE TOGETHER! 

From now on, the farmer returned to the fields. 

Fishermen return to sea 

Forget the number 1 and number 2 forget, let's go back to Indonesia. 

Because united we are strong, we are united as strong! 

Salam 3 fingers, the unity of Indonesia! 

Colleagues Wassalamu'alaikum Wabarakatuh 

Independent !!! Independent !!! Independent !!! 

Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla 

Reason Why choose JK Jokowi-Winning Speech on Yacht Machine (KLM) Liver Buana Setia 

"The decision to choose this place is a symbol of the commitment of the couple (Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla) to the development of Indonesia's maritime world," wrote Twitter account Jokow-JK media center on Tuesday night. Ship where Jokowi speaking depends on Pier IX Sunda Kelapa Port in North Jakarta. 

Write this account, the message implies that the location of choice to restore the success of the archipelago. "By restoring the maritime success." 

Economist Faisal Basri, also like the option of giving the meaning of the premier's speech on the fishing boat. Through his Twitter account, Faisal considers options for this location, "Presenting the Indonesian success by returning to self-identity as a maritime nation." 

Faisal also called for the call to proclaim the day fixing the 2014 Presidential Election as self-awareness day restate that Indonesia is the country's maritime trade....


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